MarketClub is our free-to-join membership programme that gives our customers exclusive discounts and offers when shopping with us. Every time a customer uses MarketClub, we donate a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause on their behalf.

In October 2021, we introduced MarketClub into The Warehouse, and this year we reached a major milestone with over 1.3 million customers using MarketClub. Our Club members are our most engaged customers, who enjoy exclusive deals on the products they love.

Currently, members can use MarketClub at The Warehouse through The Warehouse app, our online store, or by scanning the app at our store checkouts. At TheMarket.com, MarketClub members also get special deals for free. In addition, we offer MarketClub+, a subscription service on TheMarket.com that provides free shipping on millions of eligible items, VIP access to exclusive offers, priority customer service, and more.

In FY23, MarketClub members saved nearly $18.0 million with member discounts. The most popular deals were our $4 and $5 Tararua 500g butter, with over 220,000 customers scanning MarketClub to access the offer.

Since launching the platform in October 2021, we have raised over $1.6 million for various causes in New Zealand. Our charity partners include Life Education Trust, Whānau Āwhina Plunket, Variety – the Children’s Charity, Sustainable Coastlines, and special campaigns like Be the Joy, helping Kiwis in need at Christmas.

MarketClub is a valuable addition to our ecosystem, designed to make shopping with us easy and rewarding for our customers, and we will continue to expand the platform purposefully.