With more than 4.2 million products from more than 6,500 of the world’s most desirable local and international brands, TheMarket.com is quickly becoming one of New Zealand’s favourite places to shop online.

TheMarket.com continued on its growth trajectory in FY22 with customer spend up 14% compared to FY21 and delivered $110 million Gross Merchandise Value.

TheMarket.com now has more than 390,000 active customers who engaged in more than 39 million online sessions across the year, with 20% of New Zealand online shoppers purchasing from TheMarket.com this year. Customer shopping frequency continues to increase, illustrating the benefit of the extensive range of brands and products available.

Over the last 12 months, TheMarket.com has continued to grow the range by 76% while transforming the platform to meet a singular customer proposition – to deliver more value, convenience and enabling discovery for customers.

A key moment in FY22 was the folding of the 1-day.co.nz business into TheMarket.com, providing a unified customer experience. Including 1-day.co.nz into the platform has expanded market share to cater to value-driven shoppers. This remains a key move in a consolidating market and with affordability being top of mind for customers.

At the end of FY22, phase one of MarketIQ was launched which increases search efficiencies for customers through an optimised onsite search engine that delivers more relevant and personalised shopping recommendations.

MarketClub membership on TheMarket.com offers customers exclusive deals and is free to join. TheMarket.com also offers the option of MarketClub+ which is a subscription service offering free shipping on eligible items from TheMarket.com stores and other benefits.

Throughout the year an additional 20 MarketPoint locations, where our customers can collect their orders for convenience, were added to the network.

TheMarket.com is well positioned for future growth and is a core component of the Group’s ecosystem.



through our offshore sourcing offices (FY21: 88.0%)


249 stores including:
The Warehouse 89, Warehouse Stationery 68, Noel Leeming 68, Torpedo7 24


TWL and WSL stores -
Target 98.0% (FY21: 98.0%)